Graphic by Bixby Elliot

Graphic by Bixby Elliot

You are invited to the first annual

InViolet InProgress New Play Festival!


Please join us for a holiday open house featuring staged readings of six work-in-progress plays by your favorite InViolet playwrights.


December 6th and December 7th

Doors open at 1 pm both days -   See the full schedule and play descriptions below.

INTAR Theatre
500 West 52nd Street
Manhattan, NY

Special thanks to INTAR for hosting!! 

(cash at the door only) 

  $10 for one play (includes beer, wine, and snacks)
$25 for all of the plays (includes beer, wine and snacks)  

Please email to make a reservation, as seating is limited!


Saturday December 6th

2:30 pm – The Other White Meat  by Erin Mallon

directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker
featuring Jennifer Bowen, Bixby Elliot, Megan Hart, Timothy Mullins, Gerardo Rodriguez, Piaget Ventus

Farm animals come to life? Check.  Mystical goddess rituals?  Check.  A quirky and hilarious take on sustainable farming and the circle of life?  It’s all in THE OTHER WHITE MEAT, where Erin Mallon (Branched) treats us to a feisty and heartwarming community where animals have a voice, and the FDA is always lurking in the corner.  This special world makes us look at our sense of connection with new (laughing) eyes.

5:30 pm – The Haven by Richard Etchison

directed by Mark Cirnigliaro
featuring Otoja Abit, Leah Henoch, Jeffrey Kurtz, Erin Mallon

If you knew what life had in store for you, would you make the same decisions?  In THE HAVEN, the lives of four people are intertwined and changed on a snowy night while trapped at the airport. Paige and Gunnar are two strangers who unwittingly bear witness to the unraveling marriage of Wolf and Turner, while discovering that life holds many more surprises than they’d expected.  This drama with a touch of magic will make you laugh and leave contemplating what commitment and love truly entail.

8:30 pm – The Redhead is Coming by Bernardo Cubria

directed by Benjamin Kamine
featuring Jorge Cordova, Megan Hart, Gerardo Rodriguez, Shetal Shah, Tara Westwood

So do you remember that time when your relationship felt a little stagnant, and your sex life was not what it used to be? So you decided to have a threesome with a redhead?  Lucas and Vera do!  Add in religious guilt, a tequila induced mirage and the magic of New York, and we get a funny, sensitive portrait of a couple discovering what they’re willing to do to be together in this city.

Sunday December 7th

2:00 pm – Ruin by Jennifer Bowen

directed by Mark Cirnigliaro
featuring Joseph Mancuso, Julio Trinidad, Mia Vallet, Amy Kim Waschke

As Emma’s high school graduation and valedictory speech loom ever closer, she must contend with her unbalanced famous mom, the arrival of her charming rogue uncle, the absence of her idolized but flawed father, and the affections of a beta male classmate.  In this moving drama, Jennifer Bowen examines what is lost when we mature, and the price we’ll pay to show our love.

5:00 pm – Red Flag
by Melanie Angelina Maras 

directed by Jeffrey Kurtz
performed by Melanie Angelina Maras

Share the emotional and hilarious journey of one woman’s forays into the affairs of the heart and bedroom in this frank and exciting one person show written and performed by the one and only Melanie Maras. Titillation guaranteed.

8:00 pm – Birds Do It by Bixby Elliot

directed by Lou Moreno

featuring Andrew Blair, Bernardo Cubria, Michelle David, Peter Graham, Samantha Thomson, Amy Kim Waschke


When Laura Bush highlights the Layson Albatross as an example for America because they mate for life, Jasper’s and Christian’s ornithological research suddenly becomes the hot button focus of media everywhere. But when that research suggests that the birds might be into Adam and Steve as well Adam and Eve, Jasper and Christian must deal with the media, the first lady, and their own personal and political views on sexuality. This funny and absurdest play will have you laughing and thinking as it tackles identity politics and personal relationships. Parental Guidance: Hot, bird sex. 

And be sure to join us after and between the plays to partake in some holiday cheer!!