ONS #onlyinnewyork_update 2

It’s that time!

We are once again gearing up for one of our down and dirty


downstairs @ Brother Jimmy’s in Union Square, 116 E16th Street.

Monday, November 3rd
doors open at 7:30PM, show starts at 8PM

This time we asked YOU to provide some inspiration.
The theme of this ONE NIGHT STAND is #Only in New York,
so we gathered your best stories to act as muses for this night’s original plays!

Tickets are only $5, cash at the door   ~   Reserve your seat today  ~  email rsvp@inviolettheater.com

Space is limited!


we’ll be featuring plays written by
Jennifer Bowen, Bixby Elliot, Megan Hart, Erin Mallon and Samantha Thomson

Andrew Blair, Jennifer Bowen, Bernardo Cubria, Peter Graham, Megan Hart, Leah Henoch, Timothy Mullins, Angela Razzano, Gerardo Rodriguez, Shetal Shah, Samantha Thomson, Tara Westwood