Gated Graphic

graphic by Bixby Elliot

InViolet kicks off 2015 with our InProgress series, a staged reading of an original play in development

  Directed by Maria Goyanes

Featuring Andrew Blair, Michelle David, Joseph Mancuso, Angela Razzano, Shetal Shah, Amy Kim Waschke &
Tara Westwood

A tree-lined street, a dinner party, teen girls, secrets, tragedy, lies, a bloody cut, some étouffée and a night that will never be forgotten- Gated uncovers the truth that lay beneath the pleasant facade of everyday life.  In this new play by Megan Hart (InViolet’s hit This is Fiction) the houses are perfect…the people are not.


February 9th & 10th at 7 PM

38 Commerce Street

Seating is FREE but limited, so reserve your seat TODAY by emailing